Three Ways to Keep Your Work Stress Down

Work stress a huge productivity killer, not to mention the personal and health toll it takes on us. It’s not something that can ever be totally eliminated but there are ways to managing and to reducing your level of work stress (sometimes significantly). Here are some tips on how to manage your work stress and keep those positive vibrations flowing throughout the day.

Accomplish Something Every Day

One of the biggest sources of work stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed and under water. Looking at your to-do list and feeling a sense of dread can be a huge source of work stress. A good practice to follow is to find something (at least one thing) that you can accomplish off of your to-do list each day. Maybe it’s a smaller piece of a larger task but it’s something tangible that you can look at when you close down for the day and feel a sense of satisfaction that you did accomplish something today.

Deliver Bad News Early

Nobody likes delivering bad news and it’s especially stressful when you think the receiving party will not take it well (ex. telling a client you’re going to be late on delivery; telling your boss that you screwed up and won’t meet your commitments). The trick with bad news is to not hang on to it. Get it out as soon as you can so that you can work together and get help to solve your problem. The longer you hold on to bad news, the worse it will get (especially if those you inform know you knew about this long ago). The feeling of relief that you get when the bad news is out in the open is somewhat euphoric (even if the fallout isn’t) and you can switch your focus to the solution rather than the problem.

Keep Communicating

Do not suffer in silence. One of the worst things to do is to internalize your stresses (work and otherwise). However insignificant you feel your pain points might be, it helps immensely to talk them through with a co-worker, peer, your boss or someone from your personal life. While you may not get the answer or direction you need to solve your problems, having an outlet to discuss your concerns and fears is very therapeutic for keeping your stress levels down.

Stress is an incredible blocker to productivity and it’s very important that you try to keep your stress at bay. It needs to be consciously managed and addressed before it manifests itself into something that has major detrimental effects on your work and more importantly, your health and personal well-being. With these tips, hopefully this will help you take your work stress down a notch or two.

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