The Importance of Consistency

As a leader, nothing will instill a sense of purpose with your teams faster or deeper than displaying consistent behaviour. Your team, your peers and your customers will come to understand what they can expect from you and demonstrating a consistent approach to how you conduct yourself in your duties. Here are three tips to demonstrate consistency in your leadership style.

Consistent Decision-making Approach

Nothing will frustrate a team more than not knowing what to expect from you as a leader more than not knowing what to expect when it comes time to make a decision. Successful leaders will always approach decision making in the same way. That’s not to say that you can’t ever make different decisions based on changing circumstances, but it’s very important to remain steadfast in how you approach your decision making. By adhering to your high level values or goals and ensuring that your decision supports that vision, your team will come to understand what to expect from you when it comes time to make the important decisions that affect your project.

Don’t Get Too High or Too Low

Nothing will set your team into panic mode quicker than seeing the leadership panic. As a leader you need to be the model of calm and cool. Difficult situations are going to happen – as a leader part of your job is to ensure that your team is equipped to handle those situations. That includes ensuring they have someone to look to during those difficult times who has a level head, calm demeanor and an answer to their questions. You don’t need to be the one who solves every single problem, but as a leader you need to demonstrate the even-keel persona to your team who will in turn follow suit. The same approach needs to be taken during the great times too. Celebrate the victories with your team but don’t lose sight of your end goal and make sure your team sees that behaviour. While celebrating wins along the way is a great motivator it can also lead to complacency and lack of attention to detail which can lead to manufactured problems that are easily avoidable.

Follow Through on Commitments

This is probably the most important aspect of leadership that I can emphasize. As a leader you are asking your team to commit and to make good on those commitments. What message do you send when you make a commitment to your team that you don’t follow through on? You need to be the model by which your team follows in terms of conducting themselves and by making sure that no commitment goes unfulfilled, you are not only leading by example you are showing your team that they can rely on you when you promise to deliver.

High functioning teams rely on a model of consistency between team members. Knowing what they can count on each other for, what to expect (and what not to expect) helps team members work more cohesively together and ensure that the end goals are met to expectations.

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