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Every PMO sets out with the goal of improving the overall delivery of projects for the organization by implementing consistency and predictability. While that’s a wonderful goal, it’s important for PMO’s to identify and target the low-hanging fruit to start to show positive results early and often. Here are some quick wins that PMO managers can seek to implement to build up momentum to larger targets to further improve your project delivery services. Here are some quick wins that your PMO office should target.

Standardization of Reporting

Nothing can show more inconsistency than different reporting from project to project or PM to PM. By centralizing and standardizing how reporting is done across projects you can quickly start evaluating projects against one another and against organizational criteria to determine trouble spots and focus efforts on risk mitigation and issue remediation. While recognizing that each project may have specific, individual reporting needs, standard reporting will ultimately make the PM’s job quicker, easier and more effective. Not to mention it gives your customers a consistent experience no matter who they are working with from your project management team.

Cleanup of Document Repositories

Nothing is simpler for a PMO than to ensure that your centralized document repository is well organized and containing relevant documents. Project artifacts, templates, processes – to name a few – are all tools that project managers use on a daily basis. Ensuring that your PM team is able to quickly and accurately access the documents needed to do their job effectively is an absolute quick-win. You will start to see immediate results from making sure that your document repository is well-organized and structured in a way that makes it simple for your PM team to not only track down documents they need but also to store documents in a way that allows for easy retrieval in the future.

Setting up and launching a PMO is never an easy task. There are a lot of eyes on you and the organization is looking to you to ensure consistency and predictability of your projects. While these items may not be the most attractive of initiatives to take on, they will help build momentum and show some quick results that will further build support for larger, more complex PMO initiatives down the road.

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