The Value of Video-Conferencing

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that over almost four years of working remotely full time that I’ve only recently in the last couple of weeks done video conferencing. At first I was hesitant but wasn’t really presented with a choice so I went with it and I have to admit that my instinct about it not being a value-add was wrong. I found it very enlightening to be able to speak face-to-face with our customer and have that more personal touch added to the meeting. I thought I would take this opportunity to share what I feel are some of the biggest value-adds for doing video conferencing versus traditional conference calls.

Keeps us Honest

Let’s be honest – how many of us multi-task while on the phone? Checking emails, finishing that forecast spreadsheet, looking through contracts – all while we should be paying attention to the discussion at hand in the meeting. When you’re on video it’s a lot tougher to multi-task and not be caught (maybe I’ll write a post on that sometime ☺). If you’re in a meeting, there’s probably a good reason why and by multi-tasking you are disrespecting everyone in the meeting who are focused on the topic. Video conferencing allows/forces us to focus solely on the discussion and ensure that our (mostly) undivided attention is given.

Facial Connections

I think this is one of the most unexpected benefits I found from video conferencing. Obviously we all know that video-conferencing shows everyone’s faces but I was surprised at the personal connection I felt to all the attendees on the call when I could see their faces and they could see mine as we went through the meeting. Being able to see facial expressions and body language as you talk through your topic adds so much to the conversation that you don’t get over the phone. You can tell almost immediately how your statement is received by others by their facial expressions before they respond with the first word.

Building and Keeping Strong Relationships

Strong relationships are the backbone of any strong project and with the pandemic forcing all of us to work remotely, it can put a strain on our customer and team relationships. By being able to video-chat with our customers and team members it helps us maintain a strong personal connection to help get through challenging times on your project. By having the ability to conduct video chats with your team and customers, you’re showing them the level of care that you have for maintaining those relationships which will go a long way in helping to overcome the challenges you will face together.

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