Tips for Remote Project Delivery Success

As organizations quickly transition to a remote delivery methodology, I thought I would share some tips on how to make your teams and customers more adept to embracing a remote-delivered project. As the world comes out of the global pandemic, there is likely to be a large shift for delivery organizations to a more remote-based delivery model. Now is the time where we can pioneer and test our methods with a captive audience since a large percentage of us will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. Here are some tips to give your teams and customers to help make remote delivery success a reality.

Embrace Technology & Tools

This is an easy one. Organizations all over the world are using new tools to help connect their customers and team members. Without the ability to be physically present, we need to ensure we have the next best thing. Video chats, instant messaging, phone calls are all great methods to stay connected while being physically apart. Don’t be afraid to try new tools – with the sudden need for telecommuting, providers have been churning out innovations to their products to meet the growing demand of their user base, with many offering free trials or free limited usage.

Written Communications Training

This is critical even for teams that were/are travelling. With the shift to not being physically in front of your team members or customers, the reliance on written communications (email, instant messaging, posts, forums, etc.) is vastly increasing. As I’ve written about before, it’s vital that your team be able to encode and decode their written messages properly in order to prevent miscommunications with your customer, which can lead to further issues. Make sure that written communications are concise, professional and always deliver the message as it was intended to be read. No matter how small the message is, these rules should always apply.

Recognize Importance of Time Zone Differences

Those of us who work on projects for customers across time zones will recognize the importance of being able to adjust based on the working times of both customers and team members. Not all of us will start and end our days at the same time (even in the same time zones!). Set up ground rules with your team members and your customers to say what your ‘core’ hours are going to be – the hours where all team members and customers will be online at the same time. You want to be as flexible as you can to accommodate everyone’s varying situations with working remotely, but you also need to be cognizant of the needs of the project to ensure that those who need to connect are able to on a regular basis.

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