Developing a Resource Management Process

Resource management is not always a primary responsibility of a project manager, but as a PMO, this is most certainly one of the critical aspects of getting projects delivered. This post will go into some crucial areas for ensuring that your resource management is set up for taking on multiple projects.

Clear Project & Pipeline Roadmap

Without knowing what is coming towards you by way of projects it’s impossible to have a good resource management process. Work closely with your sales department to get an understanding of the sales funnel, expected closing and project profiles. Having this pipeline allows for your resource management to know when skillsets, individuals and teams are going to be required and can plan accordingly. Combine this input from your sales team with the already sold projects to build out a roadmap timeline of your projects and resource needs.

Skillset Demand Forecast

Utilizing the roadmap above, flesh out the skillsets and FTE’s needed to meet the expected demand. Understanding what type of skills are needed to deliver on the roadmap will help you ensure that you have the right resources allocated and scheduled. Plot out, on a weekly basis, the level of FTE’s by skillset needed for your roadmap. Only then will you have a solid breakdown of your resource needs.

Team Capacity Planning

Developing your roadmap and skillset demand forecast is one half of the equation, how to fill those needs is what you now need to do. Develop a matrix of skillset availability that you can overlay with your roadmap to see where there are shortfalls or overages. Remember that when looking at resource assignments that it’s not just pure skillset and FTE that you are looking for, but also the right “fit”. Sometimes you may have team members who may just work better with different customers than others and this “x-factor” should also be taken into consideration when doing your resource allocations.

Resource management is something that can be undervalued in a lot of organizations but with the right processes and tools in place, it can be a very valued asset in your professional services delivery.

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