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How we recruit talent
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"Interview" Process 

We could say that by the time we decide to hire a new graduate, candidates have been through a comprehensive interview process.
During this process, some key elements are identified:

  • Style of work

  • Work ethics 

  • Team compatibility

  • Soft skills

Other Recruiting Sources 

We have other sources of talent:

  • Our own recruiters.

  • Partners.

  • Extended network of freelancers.

We aim to have the right balance between young talent and experienced talent.  


New talent is onboarded and integrated with an IQuad or a specific solution.

Custom-made IQuads may move to administrative mode. 

In any case, autonomous team practices are observed. One team has the support of all other teams. 

Job Offer

After graduation, we offer a selected group a full-time position.

For custom IQuads, the team is ready for full integration with your teams.

Sponsored Tenure

Selected students go through more challenges and get specific training. During this period, we learn more about them, and they know more about us.

Selection Process

We hold open-call selection events at universities. 

Through challenges and games, we select students for the next stage.

Agreements with Universities

We work with Latin-American universities selecting outstanding senior technology students and preparing them for the international market.  

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