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Proxy Product Owner (PPO)

Get more success working with remote teams by complementing the role of your PO with a PPO

The Role of a PO

The product owner (PO) is a member of the agile team responsible for defining stories, prioritizing their backlog, and streamlining the execution of priorities.

A PO takes on several roles, including business strategist, product designer, market analyst, customer liaison, and project manager. 

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This Means, Specifically
  • Knows the what, the who, and the why.

  • Transforms ideas into stories.

  • Manages the product backlog.

  • Makes sure everybody understands the vision.

  • Grooms the backlog.

  • Works with the team to determine size and value.

  • Keeps an eye on the burndown chart.

  • Balances knowledge value and product value.

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How a PPO Can Help

Takes off some of the load from a busy, over-scheduled PO, or you can complement the role for your remote teams. 

  • Helps to transform ideas into stories.

  • Keeps the team working and helps to manage the backlog.

  • Helps to groom the backlog.

  • Is a facilitator with the team to determine size and value.

  • Keeps burndown charts. 

  • Balances value and knowledge in the team.

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