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QS2 Values

Our values relate to the norms of our organizational culture. However, they are more global and abstract than norms. Norms provide us rules for behavior in specific situations, while values identify what we view as positive or negative relative to our goals and ideals. While norms are standards and procedures, values are abstract concepts of what is essential and worthwhile.


Everything we do adds value to our customers, our coworkers, or our company

We believe that every norm, procedure, form, tool, or meeting we implement must add some kind of value to our customers or ourselves.

We keep things simple, agile

We believe in working based on finding the best solution, keeping it simple, and making smart use of resources. We want to move forward, avoiding paralysis from excessive bureaucracy or a quest for perfection. When in doubt, we focus on adding value.


We believe in dreaming big and acting on it every day

We believe that lasting success is built every day, based on being consistent with what we do, what we think, and what we say. Every day that goes by, we move towards our goals by learning, educating ourselves, and innovating.

We believe in transparency, open communication, and working together

We believe in respectful honesty; therefore, truth is more valued than half-truths. Working together means never bring a problem without a possible solution.


We understand that our customers are our partners

We believe our customers deserve our respect, attention, and the best service we can provide. It is thanks to them that we can pay our bills and our company can exist.

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