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QS2 Values

Our values underpin the principles of our organizational culture. Yet, they transcend and are more abstract than norms. While norms offer specific behavioral guidelines in particular situations, values determine our perceptions of what's positive or negative in light of our objectives and ideals. Whereas norms outline practical standards and protocols, values represent the abstract notions of what truly matters and holds significance.


Everything we do adds value to our customers, our coworkers, or our company

Every action we take, be it a norm, procedure, form, tool, or meeting, aims to enrich our customers, colleagues, or the company itself. We're committed to ensuring that each step brings a distinct value to our customers or us.

We keep things simple, agile

We prioritize solutions that are straightforward and resource-efficient. Instead of getting entangled in bureaucracy or chasing perfection, we aim to progress by always emphasizing value. When faced with uncertainty, our focus remains on what adds value.


We believe in dreaming big and acting on it every day

Consistency in our actions, thoughts, and words builds enduring success. Each day, we inch closer to our aspirations by continually learning, educating ourselves, and fostering innovation.

We believe in transparency, open communication, and working together

We champion open communication and believe in confronting challenges together. Respectful honesty is our mantra, valuing the whole truth over half-truths. Collaborative efforts mean presenting solutions alongside problems.


We understand that our customers are our partners

We recognize our customers as integral partners and dedicate ourselves to offering them the utmost respect, attention, and exemplary service. They're not just clients, but the very reason we can pay our bills and our company can exist.

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