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Can You Solve the Mystery?

Today, let’s try to solve a mystery. Don’t really like mysteries? Okay, I’ll make it easier by giving you a hint: it has to do with culture.

You still not convinced? Come on; you only need to read a short story and use your deductive powers.

Ready? Here we go! The story goes like this.

A Canadian businessman, let’s call him John, travels to China to close a business deal. John is prepared, knows all about the product, advantages, disadvantages, is ready to deal with objections, and has a killer PowerPoint. The presentation is a success. He answered all the questions, crossed all the t’s, and dotted all the i’s. At this point, the Chinese party seems ready to close the deal.
Then, afterward, to celebrate, the group goes out for some food and drinks. During dinner, one of the Chinese executives asked John about some minor details, details that he didn’t want to commit to at the time, so he replied by saying that once he was back in his office, he would discuss with his peers and then he would be prepared to come back with a decision.
John went back to Canada and never heard from the Chinese company again.


Don’t worry, I’ll give you an answer, but first, let’s make this fun! How about you give us your best guess in the comments section below?

Oh! By the way, no guesses, no answer, so give it your best shot!

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