PM Recruiting Tips

Updated: May 26

With global turnover rates being as high as they are today, organizations are putting an increased focus on retaining top talent but also recruiting as well. Here are some handy tips for recruiting solid project manager talent into your organization.

Strong Interviewing

The heart of any hiring process is the interview(s). This is where the candidate and company feel each other out to see if there is a potential fit. In past days it was more of an audition to see if the candidate met the expectations of the company but in these times it’s closer to the other way around. Good candidates are wooed and convinced to take on roles at organizations. That is not to say that the hiring company is completely without leverage – the company still has the job to offer. It’s important during the interview process that you as the hiring manager paint an attractive (but true) picture of what the candidate can expect if they join your organization. Be positive but honest – tell the truth but don’t dwell on the negative. Candidates, like hiring managers, appreciate the honesty and most are inherently attracted to bosses and organizations with integrity.

Describe the Exciting Challenges

Walk your candidate through a day-in-the-life of what life would be like at your organization. Be open about the challenges that they are going to face and get them excited about being able to have the autonomy to solve problems and help people. Appeal to the problem-solver in them. Project managers that are worth pursuing are the ones who are going to be driven by factors other than just monetary (spoiler alert: don’t skimp on the paycheck either). Describe the support structure in place that the project managers can rely on in times of challenge such as the PMO or executive group and cite examples of how project managers are supported.

Hiring is an expensive process to any organization. In these times now it’s even more difficult due to the high demand for good talent and a drying pool to choose from. Focusing on appealing to the excitement and challenges that the project manager will take on will help entice them to join your organization. Happy recruiting!

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